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Hidup di Perantauan (Part 2)

Pada artikel sebelumnya Hidup di Perantauan (Part 1), aku sudah sharing 2 tips ala diriku Angrumaoshi cara bertahan hidup di Perantauan. Masih mau merantau? Sudah siapkah merantau? Berikut aku tulis ulang ya keseluruhan tips supaya teman-teman tidak terlupa. 5 Tips Cara Bertahan Hidup di Perantauan Ala Angrumaoshi. Make a  friend (Perbanyak kenalan). Prepare your savings (Siapkan dana darurat). Know your new place (Kenali daerahmu). Less Goods is Good (Perhatikan efisiensi dan efektifitas barang yang dimiliki). Learn the Language (Belajar bahasa lokal).  3. Know your place (Kenali Daerahmu) Via Google Maps dan Google Earth Di era digital seperti ini, sangat terbantu ya untuk mengenal daerah tujuan rantau kita, bahkan sebelum kita menginjakkan kaki disana. Kita dapat memanfaatkan google maps termasuk juga google earth. Kita dapat melihat-lihat situasi secara real di lokasi daerah rumah tempat kita tinggal di perantauan.  Begitu pula kita dapat melihat fasilitas umum terdekat seperti rum

Be Smart Literated Financially since Toddler (Day 10, Let Your Toddler to Choose How to Spend Their Money)

To increase the self belongings feels for the money with our children, let our children freely to choose what they want to do with their own money. So they can feel the is a responsibility behind of thw way they spending it. For example: my daughter want to use her money to buy the entrance ticket to a waterpark and also to go to the snow playground. But the money is not enough. So she must choose which one she wants more between that 2 option. Another option can be wait until she can save more money in the future or simply not to forget to ask God for the solution. She choose for the waterpark. After sometimes not long after we go to the watepark, we go to grandmother's home. And my mom want to see the snow in the snow playground, then my mother bougt us all the tickets for going there. It is perhaps the answers from God, when my daugther asked the God that she wants to go to thw snow playground eventhough her money has not enouh yet. 

Be Smart Literated Financially since Toddler (Day 9, You Have to Wait to Buy Something You Want)

In their early years, we as their parent have a  responsibility to teach them about financial literacy. It is a must to let them know that life is not instant. Including when your children have something in their mind about their wants. Let them know and feel that they need to "wait" to buy or fullfil something they want. Not everything of their wants can be fullfil right away or instantly without they have to do nothing.  Once they feel the struggle when it comes to fullfil their wants, they will appreciate it more. For example: my son want to have a big robot toy. I said I will give it to them for his birthday next 2 month. He have to wait until his birthday. He then play it safely not recklessly, because he know in order to get another big robot toy he must wait until his next birthday. 

Be Smart Literated Financial since Toddler (Day 8, Introducing the Concept of Saving or Investing)

My children have 3 piggy bank, one in the school, at home and at grandmother's home. Each of it have a different goal and patterned.  The first piggy bank in the school, we make it together with the teacher ar school using an unused bottled plastic. This piggy bank almost full after 2 years and in the next june when my son graduated from playgroup, he want to use the money to buy a robot toy. The second piggy bank is at home. I bought the piggy bank and my son regularly plug some small amount of money whenever me or the father give him some money. He has not deciced what to buy in the future with the money from it. The piggy bank has not full enough.  The third piggy bank is at grandmother home. We plug some money into it not that regularly compare to the first and second piggy bank annually at Idul Fitri. My children usually received some a lot of money from our relative (grandmother, grandfather, aunty, etc). We regularly asked our children to save some of the money they received

Be Smart Literated Financially since Toddler (Day 7, Ask Everything You Need and Wants to "God" Not Only to Your Parents)

I would like to share about what happen after I introduced her about asking whatever you want not only to your parents but you asked it to God first.  She wants to go to a fastfood restaurant after the father finished at work in the office. But she know that her father would not fullfil her wants because her father would be tired after worked and tommorow she have to go to school. But she really want to eat the burger and the chicken there. She asked me, but then I said asked your father.  Before she asked me, she said she had already asked God that she want to go to that restaurant and hoping God would fullfil her wants.  Then we both go to the office to pick up the father that had already finished the work. At first, the father refused. But then he fullfil our daughter want, to eat there but on take away. Hmmm, it's great, right. One proof that everything could be happen if God will. Just by believe in God and pray to God, ask what do you want to God.  At first, I didn't beli

Be Smart Literated Financial since Toddler (Day 6, There Is a Part in Your Money that Belongs to The Needy Poor People)

Not all of your money is belong to you. Some part of it is belongs to others the needy, someone that less fortune than ours. Eventhough we earned it not easily. Take our children to visit the orphanage regularly. Let them give their own money to them directly. Let them share or give their toys to them. Let them play together.

Be Smart Literated Financial since Toddler (Day 5, Prepare for the Future)

Let your children know that life should be prepared for the future. In also happens in a money term. The money you get now it is not only for now, but also for the future. Some part of it is belongs for the future. That's why we introduce them the concept of saving/investment with the money.  We can buy them a small money place called "celengan", let them feel the experience itself about plug in some money into it. Once it full, we can bring it to the toystore to buy a toy that our children want. Or we can asked them, how they want to spend this amount of money? Is they want to give the money to others that needed or to buy a toy or to buy a present for other family member or to open a store they dreamed of or to buy a ticket of something etc.  This kind of action (saving/investment) just simply want to teach our children, not to become a spoiled children when they got something in their wants. Iet them knowthat eir wants can be fullfiled later by saving it first not inst

Be Smart Literated Financially since Toddler (Day 4, Knowing that Money can be Earned by Do Something)

We have to let our children know that money is earned. It is not a free lunch. You have to do something to get some money. For a toodler, we as a parent can simply use a role model to teach them about it. Let them see that their parent do something to get some money. Or we give some money to others because others do something. For example: "tukang parkir" or when we buy something in the market. Next we can also use this money concept, when our children do something and get the money for the return. For example: our children help us with the chores then we give them money because of it, or when our children win a race them they get some money for the prize. 

Be Smart Literated Financial since Toddler (Day 3, Knowing the Difference between Wants and Needs)

Money can fullfil your needs and your wants. The simplest way to make you children know that money can fullfil it, just show it to them directly.  When your children want to buy candy, then bring they to the market then give the money to the seller in order to get the candy.  When your children feels hungry then they need to eat soon. Let them know that in order to have a delicious meal in front of them, they should have some money. The money will be used to buy the meal. They should also know that the amount of money to buy candy is different to the amount we would pay to get a meal.  Then we can move to the next level, how to distinguish which one is the needs which one is the wants for our children in their early years. It's quite tricky how to explain the difference between wants and needs. But then I got a simple way.  Needs is something you must to fullfil because it is mandatory. For example: food, uniform for school, sleep, etc. But on the contrary wants is sometheing you w

Be Smart Literated Financially since Toddler (Day 2, Money can fullfill the needs)

Money can fullfil your need. Let our children know that to pay her/his school, we need money. To buy food we eat everyday we need money.  Show them, when monthly we give the school money. Bring our children to the market when we buy rice, chicken, fruits, vegetables (with money), then told to them that we will cook it at home for meals everyday we will eat daily.  I remembered once that my daughter asked me, why mommy give a lot of money monthly to her teacher at school.  At that time (4 years old), she didn't know that the teacher at school being paid for teaching her. She tought that her lovely teacher just like her mom, teach her and didn't receive any money.  I explained her wisely that her lovely teacher has a job to teach you at school. Because of she had already teach you well at school the parents of all the children that study there will pay or give some amouny of money to the teacher. Then teacher can use the money to fullfil their needs. For example to buy food for t

Be Smart Literated Financial since Toddler (Day 1, Introducing Money Concept, Believing "Sustenance" Comes From God, Sustenance Not Only About Money )

Introducing money concept would not be easy for children below 5 years. Should we introduce the concept of money to our children in the very early years? What kind of concept of money that they should know.  In my opinion, they should know that money comes from a hard work. By working or selling goods/skills you got money. Then you can buy something with the money. Some amount of money can be paid or switch with a candy or foods or toys. But another some amount of money can not be paid or switch with a candy or foods or toys. So there is term of a lot of money and a few of money. And money should be earned not freely being given by other people. So they know that their parent work to get some money to buy food or toy for the children. But there is something much more important than money that should be taught to the chidren. The children should know about sustenance. Sustenance not only about money but also a good health, having many good friends, loving parents, happy life etc is a su

My Son's Potential (Day 9, Animal Sea Creature)

My son loved to see sea creature. Not only fish but also starfish, squiid, shell, jelly fish, etc. His eyes so blink-blink when we took him to Jakarta Aquarium to see many sea creature there. Also when we feed and swim together with the fish in Umbul Ponggok. He also can watch over and over again, his favourite sea creature in youtube. His favourite is octopus. He can spend hours to see so many type of octopus in youtube channel or discovery channel television. He even insisted to buy octopus in the supermarket and eat it after being cooked by me. So his adorable on octopus really grab my attention. Could it be his potential? What should I do to elaborate it? Perhaps next, we will learn together how to dive/snorkell in the ocean so we will see the octopus in their habitat which can give a unique experience to him. Or maybe we can have an octopus as a pet??? Wkwkwkwk...  #harike9 #tantangan10hari #semuaanakadalahbintang #kuliahbundasayang #gamelevel7 @institut.ibu.profesional

My Daughter's Potential (Day 8, Dancing)

Someday ago, her teacher reported to me that my little daughter doesn't want to dance. She even close her ears, doesn't want to hear the music. So meanwhile the other kids dancing with the music, she will go outside the class and will play by herself until the dancing class is over.  Hmm, I was quite dissapointed too hear that news. Because so as far I know, she loved to dance at home. She like to listen her favourite music and dance with it. Then why at school she didn't want to dance and listen to the music? I'll find the information. I asked her, then she answered that she didn't like the music also the style of the dance.  Hmmm, puzzle solved. I still can see her eyes sparkle when dancing and while listening to the music. Then I bring her to the traditional javanese dancing class. Just to see. Also to see a ballet show. She loves it very much. But if I compare to her likeliness with water, the dance just so so. So I think, I would elaborate more on the water sid

My Daughter's Potential (Day 10, Everthing Should be Logic, Very Eager to Know Anything)

If I have to mention what is the most potential of my little daughter, I would say her willingness to learn, her wanting to know anything, and her curiousity on everything. She can asked so many things on life, so many things she saw or she hear or she touch, anything that cross her mind. So everytime I bring her to a new place, her curiousity will take place first. She will go around, touch everything, asking what is this, what is that, what is the purposes of this things, etc.  For example, when I bring her to a bank, she will go inside behind the teller, customer service, see everything and touch anything. Fiuh. So many times the security be mad at me, because can not handled my daughter well. She will take each type of the form/brochusure and bring it home. She even want to operate the ATM machine using my cards. Well well well...  Another example, when I bring her to hotel or mall. She will run inside it, go around, touch everything, asked anything new in her eyes. Just can not ma

My Son's Potential (Day 7, Kindness)

He is just so kind. Sometimes I wonder how he can be that kind, even others hurts him. He still kind to them. I realized it when he started to yell and get a fight with his bigger sister. No matter how his big sister teased or make him cried, he still kind to her.  For example: I usually want to take him going somewhere (going to the mall/playground) without his big sister. Just a test for him, is he wanna let her big sister left behind at home (his big sister was sleeping) or we just going somewhere just the two of us because his big sister is in the school. He refused it and said, "I wanna go with Sister Mocca, she will cry if we don't asked her to go together with us."  On the contrary, when I asked the same question to his sister, she will gladly happyly leaving his little brother at home. Wkwkwkwkwk. See the difference... Based on that, I said that my little son has so much kindness in her heart. Hmmm, what will I do next then to elaborate his kindness potential? I w

10 Days Challenges on My Family Project

This Family Project quite challenging. Eventhough unconciously, family project that sharpened our children life skills had already been done in everyday daily life. But putting into words and matching it with the 4 skills (IQ, EQ, SQ and AQ) is quite challenging. I finished my 10 days family project and recapitulated on the last day for all of them. Hopefully for the next level, I can write it regularly. #AliranRasa*familyproject* #gamelevel3 #tantangan10 hari #familyproject #kuliahbundasayang @institut.ibu.profesional

Family Project Day 10 (Natural Disaster)

My daughter recently seen a plane crashed into the sea or an earthquake or a tsunami. All of these, make her afraid. She don't want to go by plane again. She was afraid and fear immagine that the plane can crashed into the sea. She don't want to go to the beach anymore because of there will br a tsunami. Wherever she go, she will asked, "Is there any volcano mountain near from here?" Because she was afraid of the earthquake. Knowing and being frighten by natural disaster is a normal. I think it's the time she will improved her Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Then I explained to her that natural disaster is a God will. Noone can escaped from that. It shows how mighty the God is. We are only human, His creations. God can create us as well as diminished us. Only good deed that will let us go to heaven after our time here on earth finished.

Family Project Day 9 (Cleaning the House)

I dont have a helper in my house. Neither my mom. So we clean our house by myself. Since my children not a baby anymore, so my son and my daughter have a responsibility to make the house clean and neat. Do you think cleaning the house have a relationship with being a quitter or a climber? Yes, it is. Sometimes my daughter have to pick the toys over and over again from the floor and placed it in the box. My daughter can really mad with my son, because as soon as the floor was cleaned from the toys, my son will spread it again all over the place. At first she was a quitter, and don't want to cleaned it again plus make my son cried out loud. But after sometimes, she will cleaned it and asked my son to help her free the floor from toys. Voila, my son help her and no more crying. For the example of cleaning the house, there is so many skills of life being introduced to my children. Adversity Quotient (AQ), being a climber not a quitter. Emotional Quotient (EQ), control her anger and e

Family Project Day 8 (Going to Bookstore)

My son loved books. He can asked me 10 times a day to read his favourite books. I must have a strategy to overcome this. That's why we are going to a bookstore. So he can get more books to be read by me and I don't have to read the same book 10 times everyday. Eventhough he still can't read, but having me as a storyteller for him will boost his languange skill. At least it will improve his vocabulary. Language skill is part of Intellegence Quotient that should be mastered in order to be succeed and be happy in life. Because languange is the root of the communication. Having a better language skill will improve the communication skill. By looking at the pictures in the books and by the tone I used when I'm reading him a book, It will show him the emotional feeling behind the story told. So it will make him know many form of feeling and what the reason that make human feels that many kind of feeling. It will improve his Emotional Quotient.

Family Project Day 7 (Going to GrandMa's house)

My children love to go to my mom's house. They liked it so much because at the backyard, there is a little pool. Every morning and afternoon, both of my children will play there. My mother loved them too. Eventhough, sometimes their voices can make my mother's head break into pieces. During my children visiting their grandma house, my mother usually teach them how to draw. I'm totally not good at all drawing. I don't like to draw either. But drawing can increase spatial skill which included in Intellegence Quotient (IQ). Thank you to my mother that teach them how to draw. Putting their immagination on the paper. Yelling between my son and my daughter will make my mom dizzy. My daughter like to make her little brother to cry. They both must learn and master the Emotional Quotient (EQ), in order not to get easily cry for son and not to make fun others for my daughter. My mom have a solution for this. Everytime my son cry because of her older sister, she is not going to

Family Project Day 6 (Going to the fish pond)

My older sister have a big fish pond. My children love to go there and watch the fish swimming around the pond. My children love to feed them too. Simply just playing and feeding the fish, we can improved our children intellegence. Counting how many fish in the pond is a simple math. As well as introducing the colour of the fish also make our children smarter. This will improve our children Intellegence Quotient (IQ). Emotional Quotient (EQ) also can be improved here. Fish loved to get feed when hungry. But when they were not hungry, they will not eat, eventhough we are feeding them. Our children perhaps feels mad or dissapointed why the fish don't eat. At that time we can tell them, that's exactly what mommy feels when mommy had already made a delicious food for you but you won't eat it. By showing this, it will grew our children emphaty. Fish as a living things created by God, eventhough they lived in the water and we lived above the surface, we have to live within har