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Aku rutin menulis itu, dimulai 3 tahun yang lalu. Bukan menulis laporan atau riset di kala bekerja, namun menulis tentang apa yang ada di pikiranku tentang kehidupan di sekitarku. Tentang pikiran orang-orang memandang kehidupannya. Kutuangkan semua di blog aku, Tempatmu bercerita kehidupan, disitulah aku menyimak dan menuangkannya ke dalam tulisan penuh makna, Hidup di Perantauan   Tahun 2017, aku pindah ke Semarang. Di Semarang ini bisa dibilang aku tidak punya kenalan siapa pun. Aku ikut merantau ke kota lumpia ini bersama suamiku, karena Suamiku dipindahtugaskan di kota ini. Aku pun melepas kehidupanku di Jakarta meninggalkan semua teman-temanku di sana dan bisa dibilang aku memulai hidup baru disini memulai dari nol.  Peran ku pun berubah dari yang sebelumnya seorang working mom suka lembur dan terbang ke sana ke mari menjadi seorang full time stay at home mom dengan dua anak yang masih berusia dibawah 3 tahun. Bisa dibayangkan bagaimana perubahan

10 Days Challenges on My Family Project

This Family Project quite challenging. Eventhough unconciously, family project that sharpened our children life skills had already been done in everyday daily life. But putting into words and matching it with the 4 skills (IQ, EQ, SQ and AQ) is quite challenging. I finished my 10 days family project and recapitulated on the last day for all of them. Hopefully for the next level, I can write it regularly. #AliranRasa*familyproject* #gamelevel3 #tantangan10 hari #familyproject #kuliahbundasayang @institut.ibu.profesional

Family Project Day 10 (Natural Disaster)

My daughter recently seen a plane crashed into the sea or an earthquake or a tsunami. All of these, make her afraid. She don't want to go by plane again. She was afraid and fear immagine that the plane can crashed into the sea. She don't want to go to the beach anymore because of there will br a tsunami. Wherever she go, she will asked, "Is there any volcano mountain near from here?" Because she was afraid of the earthquake. Knowing and being frighten by natural disaster is a normal. I think it's the time she will improved her Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Then I explained to her that natural disaster is a God will. Noone can escaped from that. It shows how mighty the God is. We are only human, His creations. God can create us as well as diminished us. Only good deed that will let us go to heaven after our time here on earth finished.

Family Project Day 9 (Cleaning the House)

I dont have a helper in my house. Neither my mom. So we clean our house by myself. Since my children not a baby anymore, so my son and my daughter have a responsibility to make the house clean and neat. Do you think cleaning the house have a relationship with being a quitter or a climber? Yes, it is. Sometimes my daughter have to pick the toys over and over again from the floor and placed it in the box. My daughter can really mad with my son, because as soon as the floor was cleaned from the toys, my son will spread it again all over the place. At first she was a quitter, and don't want to cleaned it again plus make my son cried out loud. But after sometimes, she will cleaned it and asked my son to help her free the floor from toys. Voila, my son help her and no more crying. For the example of cleaning the house, there is so many skills of life being introduced to my children. Adversity Quotient (AQ), being a climber not a quitter. Emotional Quotient (EQ), control her anger and e

Family Project Day 8 (Going to Bookstore)

My son loved books. He can asked me 10 times a day to read his favourite books. I must have a strategy to overcome this. That's why we are going to a bookstore. So he can get more books to be read by me and I don't have to read the same book 10 times everyday. Eventhough he still can't read, but having me as a storyteller for him will boost his languange skill. At least it will improve his vocabulary. Language skill is part of Intellegence Quotient that should be mastered in order to be succeed and be happy in life. Because languange is the root of the communication. Having a better language skill will improve the communication skill. By looking at the pictures in the books and by the tone I used when I'm reading him a book, It will show him the emotional feeling behind the story told. So it will make him know many form of feeling and what the reason that make human feels that many kind of feeling. It will improve his Emotional Quotient.

Family Project Day 7 (Going to GrandMa's house)

My children love to go to my mom's house. They liked it so much because at the backyard, there is a little pool. Every morning and afternoon, both of my children will play there. My mother loved them too. Eventhough, sometimes their voices can make my mother's head break into pieces. During my children visiting their grandma house, my mother usually teach them how to draw. I'm totally not good at all drawing. I don't like to draw either. But drawing can increase spatial skill which included in Intellegence Quotient (IQ). Thank you to my mother that teach them how to draw. Putting their immagination on the paper. Yelling between my son and my daughter will make my mom dizzy. My daughter like to make her little brother to cry. They both must learn and master the Emotional Quotient (EQ), in order not to get easily cry for son and not to make fun others for my daughter. My mom have a solution for this. Everytime my son cry because of her older sister, she is not going to

Family Project Day 6 (Going to the fish pond)

My older sister have a big fish pond. My children love to go there and watch the fish swimming around the pond. My children love to feed them too. Simply just playing and feeding the fish, we can improved our children intellegence. Counting how many fish in the pond is a simple math. As well as introducing the colour of the fish also make our children smarter. This will improve our children Intellegence Quotient (IQ). Emotional Quotient (EQ) also can be improved here. Fish loved to get feed when hungry. But when they were not hungry, they will not eat, eventhough we are feeding them. Our children perhaps feels mad or dissapointed why the fish don't eat. At that time we can tell them, that's exactly what mommy feels when mommy had already made a delicious food for you but you won't eat it. By showing this, it will grew our children emphaty. Fish as a living things created by God, eventhough they lived in the water and we lived above the surface, we have to live within har

Family Project Day 5 (Watching Cartoon)

My children loved to watch cartoon on television. Everyday they watch cartoon. Actually by watching cartoon, it can improved our children intellegence. Depends on what kind of cartoon, they watched. Cartoon talks much. So it will boost our children language skill. Our children just simply can immitate the words being said by the cartoon on TV. Eventhought sometimes they don't understand the meaning of the words, by the end of the cartoon showed they will understand. Language skill is one of the Intellegence Quotient (IQ). Cartoon also give many example of feelings. It is common that in cartoon, there will be a bad and a good person. The bad guy usually mad. The good person usually brave and many other feelings. By watching cartoon, our children will know many kind of feelings. It will be greater if we accompany them and explain it to them. This will increasing our children Emotional Quotient (EQ). Cartoon is created by human. Eventhough it seem like have a life and real on TV, w

Family Project Day 4 (Public Transportation)

My children rarely using public transportation. We regularly go by a car. According to that, we as a parent feels, it is our obligation to introduce public transportation to our children. By using public transportation it will increase our children intellegence. Intellegence Quotient (IQ), specifically on interpersonal skills can be improved by using public transportation. By using it, it makes our children have to interact with other passengers in the bus/train/minivan. Our children will know that the elderly will be given the seat by the younger person then the younger person will stand. Emotional Quotient (EQ), also can be improved by using public transportation. It asked the passenger to orderly queueing when we want to enter the bus/train. And also when we get off the bus/train. When we used our car, there is no need for queued up. Sometimes queueing can make our mood going bad. That the important of EQ here. When we used to be orderly queued up then having to queued up will not

Family Project Day 3 (Swimming)

Most of the children like swimming. My children love to swim too. By swimming, we can teach them this 4 kind of intellegence. Let me show you how swimming can be our family project to increase the intellegence of our children to be success and happy in life. Many of us have known about Intellegence Quotient (IQ). There is part of the IQ, we called bodily kinesthetic. Swimming asked well coordination between legs, arms, and breathing. So by doing swimming regularly, it will increased your children IQ especially in bodily kinesthetic aspect. Swimming make your children brave. It can boost their self esteem when they can go from one side of the pool to other side of the pool. It also control their emotion of fear being drowned. It makes them recognizes their feeling for bravery and fearness and also the joy when they can conquer their fear succeeded going to other side of the pool. Your children Emotional Quotient (EQ) increased. We can inform our children why swimming can bring us clo

Family Project Day 2 (Going to The Mall)

Going to the mall can sharpened our children intellegence. But it depends on how we give them the explanation and experience about this 4 type of intellegence. First, the intellegence quotient (IQ). We can do simple math for 3-5 years old children when we are in the mall. When we used elevator, we can asked them to press which floor we are going to go. There will be button 1-3 at minimum, then G for ground, and perhaps UG for upper ground, B for Basement, P for Parking etc. We learned english language too right. Second, the emotional quotient (EQ). Many things will attract our children attention especially toys or paid playground. Before we go to the mall, we have to give them explanation that we will only do this/that, buy this/that etc. Make them promised to do what we had already agreed before entered the mall. By the time they entered the mall and see many things that they want to buy, just remind them their promised. It will boosted their EQ especially at their self awareness pa

Family Project Day 1 (Happy Vs Success)

In my opinion, there is a slightly different meaning between happy and success. Success doesn't always make you happy. Perhaps it's make you happy, but not for a long time. It just make you happy for temporary. Why? Because there will be another goal to pursue, when it can't be achieved, you are happy anymore. Success is a condition when you achieved your goal. But happy is a condition when you choose to be. You can still be happy when you are not succeed. See, the different? There is 3 stages of happy life. First pleasant life, secondly good life and the last one is meaningful life. So do you want to be succeed or happy? Do you want your beloved one to be succeed or happy? How about both of them. Can we get them both? Yes, of course, but we have to give the lesson learned to our child to make them both succeed and happy. But first of all, hopefully the parent should had already succeed and happy. The important lesson we should encouraged or children to master is Life Int