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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2020

Hidup di Perantauan (Part 2)

Pada artikel sebelumnya Hidup di Perantauan (Part 1), aku sudah sharing 2 tips ala diriku Angrumaoshi cara bertahan hidup di Perantauan. Masih mau merantau? Sudah siapkah merantau? Berikut aku tulis ulang ya keseluruhan tips supaya teman-teman tidak terlupa. 5 Tips Cara Bertahan Hidup di Perantauan Ala Angrumaoshi. Make a  friend (Perbanyak kenalan). Prepare your savings (Siapkan dana darurat). Know your new place (Kenali daerahmu). Less Goods is Good (Perhatikan efisiensi dan efektifitas barang yang dimiliki). Learn the Language (Belajar bahasa lokal).  3. Know your place (Kenali Daerahmu) Via Google Maps dan Google Earth Di era digital seperti ini, sangat terbantu ya untuk mengenal daerah tujuan rantau kita, bahkan sebelum kita menginjakkan kaki disana. Kita dapat memanfaatkan google maps termasuk juga google earth. Kita dapat melihat-lihat situasi secara real di lokasi daerah rumah tempat kita tinggal di perantauan.  Begitu pula kita dapat melihat fasilitas umum terdekat seperti rum

Studying during Corona Pandemic

Corona virus had became a pandemic from the early of 2020 all over the world. It started from China then spread to every country. Some country had managed it well but many country are still struggling. This pandemic gave a huge impact to our education system ( kebijakan pendidikan ). Some people believe that study must proceed during the pandemic (using online study system) but some people think, it would be better to postphone the new school academic year until the pandemic is under controlled.  In my opinion, it would be better if the government postphone the new school academic year rather than insist to open the new school academic year. There are some disadvantages if the new school academic year will be opened during the pandemic. The life of the children will be on risk if the schools open and do the offline learning system. Eventhough, if the learning system will be using online platform, it will not give the same quality compare to offline learning system. Face to face learnin

Facing the New Normal during Covid-19 Outbreak

New normal is becoming a new trend now. Many people have to change their habitual ( perubahan perilaku ) during corona outbreak. Not only have to change our habit but we also have to find another source of income ( sumber keuangan kedua ) during this pandemic especially when we lost our primary resource of income. This new normal era is not easy for the society. Having to adapt quickly is the key.  I agree that we have to prepare ourself to face the new normal life. Many things should be adapt especially our hygiene and our flow of money. Nothing would not be the same for the world before and after the corona outbreak.  We should have a strong mind that we have to keep our hygiene in a very high standart more than ever. Washing your hand not only if we want to eat just like old times, but we should wash our hand before and after touch anything that might have been touched by other people. Having a physical distance in public is a must. Not only wear mask when having activity outside bu