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Hidup di Perantauan (Part 2)

Pada artikel sebelumnya Hidup di Perantauan (Part 1), aku sudah sharing 2 tips ala diriku Angrumaoshi cara bertahan hidup di Perantauan. Masih mau merantau? Sudah siapkah merantau? Berikut aku tulis ulang ya keseluruhan tips supaya teman-teman tidak terlupa. 5 Tips Cara Bertahan Hidup di Perantauan Ala Angrumaoshi. Make a  friend (Perbanyak kenalan). Prepare your savings (Siapkan dana darurat). Know your new place (Kenali daerahmu). Less Goods is Good (Perhatikan efisiensi dan efektifitas barang yang dimiliki). Learn the Language (Belajar bahasa lokal).  3. Know your place (Kenali Daerahmu) Via Google Maps dan Google Earth Di era digital seperti ini, sangat terbantu ya untuk mengenal daerah tujuan rantau kita, bahkan sebelum kita menginjakkan kaki disana. Kita dapat memanfaatkan google maps termasuk juga google earth. Kita dapat melihat-lihat situasi secara real di lokasi daerah rumah tempat kita tinggal di perantauan.  Begitu pula kita dapat melihat fasilitas umum terdekat seperti rum

Stimulate Logical Maths for Kids Day 10 (Knowing Concepts of + and -)

I stimulate logical math for additon, reduction and multiplication concept using her fingers. Then I used the fruit. Then I used the pencils. For example, I gave 3 grapes to my older daughter. Then I asked her to give 1 grapes to her brother. Then I asked how many grapes is on you. This is a concept of reduction. Another example, I asked my daughter to pick another 3 grapes from refrigenerator. Then I asked how many grapes is on you now. This is a concept of addition. So by eating the fruit we can stimulate logical math unconsiusly.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 9 (Counting Wheels on Bus, Car, Motorcyle)

My children loved to travel by bus. There is a double decker bus in the city that will take us around the city. It is a tourist bus for sight seeing the city. In the parking lot, there was this bus also some car and motorcycle. I remember at home my children asked how many wheel does the car have while showing their toy car. So, there is an idea cross on my mind. I took my children to go around the bus and asked them how many wheels the bus have. My children very excited to count all the wheels on the bus. Then I asked them to count the wheels on the car next to the bus. After that, I asked them to count the wheels on the motorcyle in the corner of the parking lot. Just a very simple idea to stimulate logical math for our children with fun by counting the real thing in the daily life.

Stimulate Logical Maths for Kids Day 8 (Learning Counting 1-10 in Javanese)

We lived in Semarang, the capital of Central Java. Here, the people talks in javanese. So my children also being introduce the number in Javanese by their teacher at school. Javanese language have some different level in it from the lowest (coarse javanese language) until the highest (delicate javanese language). We could use the coarse javanese languange when talk to our friend (the same level/degree). But we have to used the delicate javanese language when talk to our parent/grandparent/older people (the higher level/degree). So in order to let my children know the number in Javanese language especially delicate javanese language in practical way, I'll take them to the traditional market and let them see their mom use delicate javanese language when asking the price to the seller or bargain the goods. My 5 years old daughther had already memorize number 1-10 in delicate javanese number. Good job.

Stimulate Logical Maths for Kids Day 7 (Learning Counting 1-10 in English)

After my 3 years old son can count 1-10 well in Indonesian. I introduce him to count 1-10 in English. This time I introduce him on regular way. Just by putting my finger on number 1 and said loud ONE, then on number 2 and said loud TWO, until number 10. But for my 5 years old daughter, I made her to said it loud in English when we count 1-10 while playing hide and seek. So the younger will hear and hopefully notice that it is still counting 1-10 but in other languange.

Stimulate Logical Maths for Kids Day 6 (Learning Concept of Much vs Little while Playing Water)

After we know the concept of full and empty. Then I will introduce to them the concept of much and little still with playing with the sand and the water. Just fill it almost full then we said it is much then throw it until almost empty then we said it little. So simple and easy right. So many logical math we can stimulate just by playing with sand and water.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 5 (Learning Full and Empty Concept while Playing with Sand)

My children loved to play with sand especially if we go to the beach. By playing with sand we can stimulate logical math and introducing them the concept of full and empty. Just by filling the little basket with sand until the top, we let them know it is full. Then when we dropped all of the sand from the little basket, we let them know it is empty. Then we can change the sand with water. The concept is the same. Finally the children know the concep of full and empty by playing with fun.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 4 ( Learning Fraction while Eating Pizza)

My 5 years old daughter had already learn fraction in her kindergarden. A half, a quarter and others. So in order to know that she is really understand the concept about fraction, I want to test her in a fun way. I took her to the pizza store. I asked the chef to cop the pizza into 8 slice. It means 1/8 for each slice. Before we eat, I asked her which one is a half then a quarter then 1/8. Voila, she gave the right answer. After that I give her a little knowledge about addition fraction. 1 slice means 1/8 then 2 slice means 2/8. Then I compare the 2 slice with the 1/4 (a quarter) of a whole pizza. I said it is the same size, right? She looked at it then said yes. So I tell her 1/8+1/8=2/8=1/4. Then I give another example for two quarter also same with the one half just by looking the pizza. She looks understand. By using the real pizza to learn fraction, it can stimulate the logical math with fun.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 3 (Counting cookies)

My 3 years old son loved to eat cookies. He prefer bread and cookies sometimes compare to rice. So I think, I can used the cookies to stimulate logical math for him. When he asked for cookies, then I aske him, "How many cookies do you want?". At first, he can not answer. Then I give him one in his right hand and one in his left hand. After that, I said, "You have two cookies, one here and two there." Then he can say, "I want to have 2 cookies, Mom." Lovely, he knew the logical math of number 2. Another time he said, "I want to have 1 cookie, Mom." So it means he had already known the difference between 1 and 2.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 2 (Singing 1-10 with fingerstyle)

My younger son, 3 years old had already go to preschool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 1 hour and 30 minutes for the break. During the preschool, the teacher introduce the number with the song plus a fingerstyle. So the finger make the shape like the number from 1 until 10 and the song also sing the shape of the number. For example the song said number 2 like the duck, number 9 like the ballon fly etc. I am not remember all of them, but my son like the song very much and usually sing the song at home. Sing a song definitely can stimulate logical math with fun.

Stimulate Logical Math for Kids Day 1 (Counting 1 to 10 by playing Hide and Seek)

My kids loved to play hide and seek. The younger one is still 3 years old. He liked to run either outside the house or inside the house. We used to play hide and seek inside the house, because it is safer for us. The older one had been 5 years old. She can count until 100. So it is a piece of cake for her to count 1 until 10 when we play hide and seek. But it was a challenge for the younger to count 1 until 10. So while playing hide and seek, I asked the younger one to count 1 until 10 with closing his eyes, after that he have to look for us while we were hiding. He usually miss the counting. He always jumped the count from 3 to 6. He missed the 4 and 5. Hopefully by regularly playing hide and seek together, he can count 1 until 10 without missing the number 4 and 5. So playing hide and seek can stimulate logical math with fun, right?