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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2019, Tempatmu Bercerita Kehidupan

Aku rutin menulis itu, dimulai 3 tahun yang lalu. Bukan menulis laporan atau riset di kala bekerja, namun menulis tentang apa yang ada di pikiranku tentang kehidupan di sekitarku. Tentang pikiran orang-orang memandang kehidupannya. Kutuangkan semua di blog aku, Tempatmu bercerita kehidupan, disitulah aku menyimak dan menuangkannya ke dalam tulisan penuh makna, Hidup di Perantauan   Tahun 2017, aku pindah ke Semarang. Di Semarang ini bisa dibilang aku tidak punya kenalan siapa pun. Aku ikut merantau ke kota lumpia ini bersama suamiku, karena Suamiku dipindahtugaskan di kota ini. Aku pun melepas kehidupanku di Jakarta meninggalkan semua teman-temanku di sana dan bisa dibilang aku memulai hidup baru disini memulai dari nol.  Peran ku pun berubah dari yang sebelumnya seorang working mom suka lembur dan terbang ke sana ke mari menjadi seorang full time stay at home mom dengan dua anak yang masih berusia dibawah 3 tahun. Bisa dibayangkan bagaimana perubahan

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 10 (Make Your Children Re-tell The Story to You)

You must be bored when you had read the books for your children more than 10 times. Your children perhaps had already know the story but still want to be read it by you, because he still can not read. My children still 3 yo. So, why do not ask your children to tell the story to you using their own words. He will loved it. But we have to pay attention to him when he tell the story to us. Sometimes we can also ask the picture to him if he skip the picture when telling the story to us. It will boost his language intellegence as well as his self esteem.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 9 (Not Only Read the Book but Tell the Story in It)

To read and to tell a story is quite different. When telling a story, you must have the energy and blend with the story being told. Intonation plays a big role here. Especially when your children wants you to read it 3-4 times in a row, maintain the energy is quite challenging. You have to read it in a different version each time. So in my experience, I'm not reading every single words there in the books but I used my own words every time I read it in the second, third, forth and so on times.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 8 (Let Your Children Choose the Book)

When I go to the bookstore or a library, just let my son to choose and pick the books he like. Because when he choose it, it will become his favorite book and it will be read not only one time but reread over and over again. It will grow his interest on book and not getting bored with it. Eventhough he still can not read now, loving books that I want him to have. So by the time he can read, he not only just can read but loved to read because he had already loved the books.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 7 (Please be Carefull Children)

I want to teach him about things should not be done because of its dangers. Then I found a book about it. It is in the same series with the manners book. This book give a lot of ilustration about how do things carefully. For example: Do not put play around the stairs and the picture is children slipped from the stairs. The pictures in the book can grab my son attention, and he always asked why the children can slipped, and then he can conclude it and say it I don't want to play around the stairs.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 6 (Animal in the Forest Book)

My son love nature and animal. I remembered on his first day at playgroup school, the wall was full of the animal picture and he point out the picture one by one and asked me what animal it is. He can asked me over and over again. The next day he do it again, before the class started. Knowing he love animal so much now, so I bought him a book that tell the story of animal living in the forest. He really loved it and want it to be read by me for him. So he got several favorite books now. Rabbit boy, fireman, policeman and animal forest.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 5 (How to Ask a Favor)

When I want to drop my daughter to her school, my son want to go to. After we arrived at the school, my son see a lot of book in the library school of my daughter. He really interested looking one by one of the books there. Finally, he choose one book and want me to read it for him. The book tells about how to ask a favor to others. It highlighted the magic word that should be used when asking a favor to other. The magic word is "Can, I asked you for a help, please?" This book show two example, one example used a magic word and the other not using it. Simple by showing the respond of the others when using or not using the magic word, my son know the different and why we should used this word when asking a favor.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 4 (Manner's Book)

This manner's book is my favorite book for him. Not his favorite book. Through this book, it is really easier to teach him about simple manner. Using a lot of simple picture in one page can tell a story that give a clear message about manner. Eventhough it is not his favorite book, he still enjoy and excited when I read the book for him. It took more than one time to finished the book. So I read it just a couple pages then stop when I saw my son had already not pay attention to the book. But when he want to read it, he will took the book and asked me to read it. So I just follow what book what he want to read at the moment.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 3 (Policeman Book)

Last time he was in love with a fireman. Now, he like policeman. Everytime he see a policeman in the street, or even just see the police car with its sirene, he really excited. Then he saw a book with the story of policeman saving a kitten that being kidnapped by a bad guy from the little girl. And then just like yesterday, we bought it and he successfully made me read it 10 times a day. He even can made me read it 3-4 times in a row.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 2 (Fireman Book)

Since 1,5 year old, my son really like to see a fireman. He saw it in a cartoon movie. He also saw it in real, he went to a fireman station since the place is just next to his playgroup school. So when I took him to a bookstore, the moment he saw a book with the picture of a fireman, he just could not let it go. Then we bought it and bring the book go home. A moment we had just arrived at home, he had already asked me to read the book for him. Then this book become his favourite book after the rabbit boy. Just like the first book, he also made me have to read it over and over again. But seeing the sparkling eyes when reading it together, just made me even more wanting to make him to love to read a book ever.

Growing Reading Interest for Children Day 1 (Book with colourfull big size picture and small amount of words)

My children's favourite book (3 yo) is a hardcover big size A4 book with a lot of big picture colourfull inside. Only 1-2 sentences on every page. This book tells about an animal with the story of unobey rabbit boy to his mother. The story really give a clear message to my children that he should obey and follow his mom. Otherwise, something bad will happen. Because, in every rule that mom said to her children have a point to protect them. Children should know this, therefore they will volunterally obey every rule their mom said because they know it is for their own good. By reading this kind of story to them regularly, my children love it. The message will unconsiously go to their brain and their heart. My children can asked me 10 times a day to read this book. Eventhough, I'm bored have to read it over and over again since the book is really good (have a good message), it is okay. I saw it as a learning point to giving him an example about how to react on rules given by the