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Toleransi di Indonesia Saat Ini

Toleransi di Indonesia saat ini, kurasakan semakin memudar. Toleransi yang dulu semenjak kecil digaungkan baik melalui pendidikan formal di sekolah atau melalui praktik sehari-sehari di kehidupan nyata pada sekitarku, sangat mudah ditemukan dan kurasakan. 
Namun kini setelah aku dewasa, berkeluarga dan di masa reformasi yang telah lebih dari 2 dekade ini, toleransi ini entah seperti menguap. Perbedaan-perbedaan kecil dibuat semakin meruncing. Bahkan yang pada awalnya kita tidak merasakan perbedaan itu dibuat merasa bahwa kini kita berbeda. 
sumber :
Aku jujur sedih. Mengapa sekarang menjadi seperti ini. Entah mengapa perbedaan pandangan politik dapat berujung pada ketidakharmonisan hubungan keluarga. Entah mengapa pula perbedaan agama atau bahkan dalam agama yang sama juga dapat menimbulkan friksi-friksi dalam hubungan antar manusia. Semuanya merasa pilihannya adalah yang paling benar. Berbeda berarti salah. 
Aku mengalami sebelum masa reformasi walau saat itu masih anak-a…

Style of Learning Day 10 (Playing with Friends)

He love to run with his friends at preschool. But he doesn't like to share toys or play together with them. He didn't pay attention well when the teacher asked him to do something at the beggining. But when the teacher come to him to tell him what to do, then he began do it.Seeing picture in the wall more interesting to him rather listening what his teacher said to be done. But when the teacher used a a colourfull picture to describe something then he pay attention to what the teacher said. He is really a visualize type of learner for now.

Style Learning Day 9 (Playing with Letters)

We can used variety style to introduce letters to our children. We can used a ABC song to our listening style of our kids. We can also used picture if the letters with a colourfull colour to our visualized children. Or we can used our hand to immitate the shape of the letters to our kinesthetic children.When I tried alll of then, my son pay most of his attention when I gave him the colourfull picture of the letters.

Style of Learning Day 8 (Going to the Waterfall)

This activity really makes all of us tired but really happy. After a long walk about an hour and a half, finally we see a mountain waterfall. The way to go there is very challenging. I used a stick to help me along the way. Its really make me look  like a granny. We together really pay attention to listen, to see around and coordinate well all of our body when walking and climbing to the mountain waterfall. This activity is example of a complete style of learner. We can use out visualize, listening and kinesthetic skills.

Style of Learning Day 6 (Feeding Animal)

Feeding an animal comprised all of the type of learner. It visualized how to give the food to the animal, it also have to follow order by the listening (to be carefull when give the food to the animal). This activity also good for kinesthetic type of learner, because it used your hand to give food to the animal.My children love this activity very much. They can spend hours, just to sit and give them the food. The joy when the animal come to them for food, made a big smile in their face.I think we will get used to make this activity regular becausr this activity is a complete one (visualize, listening and kinesthetic).

Stlye of Learning Day 5 (Running)

Children love to run. My son like to run and also my daughter. They like to play as a police and a thief, where a police will run to catch the thief. This kind of activity did not consist of visualization nor the listening. It's all about kinesthetic.So I think both of my children are the kinesthetic type of learner

Style of Learning Day 3 (Playing with Robot)

When he has turned to 3 years old, he asked the robot for the present. This is not an ordinary robot but an assembled robot. This robot consist of 6 cars. All of the 6 cars can be assembled to a big robot. I'm pleased to give him this kind of toy for his present at his birthday, because I want to know if he can assembled this roboy by himself or not. There is a manual instruction on a paper consist of picture on an orderly basis about how to assembled it. I give him that manual instruction, he didn't understand it. So then I give him example how to assemble the robot. By visualizing it to him, it give him more understanding how to assemble it.I think he is not only a visualize type of learner but also a kinestetic type of learner.

Style of Learning Day 2 (Singing)

My husband always says that our son can not sing. Eventhough my son had already 3 years old, he can not sing well. He don't remember the words of the sing and also the right tone of the song. But if we asked him to sing together with us, he can sing it better than when he sing the song alone. He would remember the song better if he see the song in the TV or when we used our hands while we were singing. So it is a complisment for us and for him when he braved enough to raise his hand in the class and going in front of the class and sing a song with mic. Even his voice very small, but when he tried to sing the other children also sing along and also the teacher. It make him more bravr to louder his voice (even without the right tone and ty right lyrics of the song).This example, make it clearer that our son is a visualized type learner.

Style of Learning Day 1 (Reading a Book)

My 3 years old children love to see picture in the book rather than listening. He like it very much when her mother read him a book. The same book can be read 10 times a day. I had told a story without a book, he refused it. He then grabed a book and make me tell the story in the book. It quite different when I compared to her sister, when her sister was in the same age with him. Her sister love to see picture in the book too but she also loved being told a story without a book. Based on this example, I can concluded that my son is the visualization type learner compare to his sister for this time. Will see next time, is it consistent or is he will show another type of learning he enjoy.